Introduction to Aluminium casting

I was introduced to aluminium casting through the foundry at the engineering department . Initially my idea was to cast a base for my powder printed masks, but it is proving a strand of exploration all of its own. I am exploring aluminium cast masks as well as the sand casting process. It has both  differences and similarities to glass casting.  Sand casting is used in both processes, but metal can be cooled by plunging it in water and shaped by bashing it with a hammer or attacking it with an angle grinder.  Glass needs careful anaeling and cooling and all shaping needs water cooled tools.  It interesting to subvert the metal sand casting process as I did with both masks illustrated here. The feature image one had the aluminium poured off before it was completely set so it looks like it is weeping and the one above was cast from the same mould as the first. The sand had tried out substantially from the first cast and consequently had cracked. That provided me with a mask that looked like it had disintegrated somewhat. Both masks fit in with the concepts underpinning the residency: Good and evil and humanity fighting and tearing itself apart.


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