“Steel”, exhibition at Palace Arts Gallery in Redcar

Folowing the demise of the local steel industry around Teesside in the North East of England the Palace Art Gallery is showing an exhibition dedicated to steel. Opening hours:Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,10-4, Thursday  CLOSED, Friday, Saturday,10-4, Sunday 12-4 . Andress: Palace Arts CIC, The Palace Hub,28-29, Esplanade, Redcar TS10 3AE the exhibition  runs till March 13th.

I have three works of art included. The above is called “Decay”. It is a collage of rusting steel, slag and a broken, refired piece of glass fused with metal oxides, metal foil and mesh.

TargetThis piece is called “Target” as I feel the industry was sacrificed and nothing was done to save it. It is a collage of rusty metal out of which another artist fashioned a Middlesbrough lion giving the outline framing for the shattered glass with its image of the closed down steel works, locked up with a rusty chain and lock .

Memorial Window for an Ailing Industry for web (1)

This is called “Memorial Window for an Ailing Industry”. It is collaged from a broken stained glass window, a broken re-fired bit of glass fused with metal oxides, metal slag, a screen printed sheet of glass and bitumen looking like a cross between a black industrial cloud and a mushroom cloud. It was originally made when the industry first got in trouble a few years ago.



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